Thursday, March 23, 2017

Montgomery, AL

Today was a jam packed day. But, it was pretty cool. I really like the speaker at the Dexter Parsonage Museum, Dr. Shirley Cherry. I could tell that she really likes what she does because the whole presentation and tour just flowed great. It didn’t feel scripted, and she was trying to get to know us. The presentation was also very touching. This was probably because she was so friendly and comforting, everything was sincere; so it was extremely emotional. I know toward the end some people cried, along with myself, when she said "There are going to be things in your life that break your heart; but, let it break your heart. Just don't let it break your spirit.” I was directed more toward Andre, but it seems like everyone in the room felt it. And, I honestly wasn’t ashamed. I was really moved by Ms. Cherry. I also like how January pointed out the ‘The Epiphany’ piece at the Rosa Parks Museum before going to the Parsonage Museum. I love to see how everything everywhere we go connects and is not all over that place. Because, when Ms. Cherry mentioned it and explained in further detail about MLK’s epiphany I felt like I had something to go off of. 

The Capitol Tour was a bit too much for me to handle though. Because, the tour guide had a bad choice of vocabulary. Other people felt that she was dancing around answers but I honestly feel that she was clearly ill-prepared to present to people that are somewhat educated as opposed to small children. Like once she said the slaves migrated. Then, when they asked who built the original capitol building, she said she didn’t know. But, I feel that that’s clear. But, the tour was still a bit educational in the aspect of what happens there and other historical backgrounds. 

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