Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anqi Liang's post

The trip is so inspiring. We went to every important place for the civil right movement. In every museum, I learnt something I never learnt before, something is not on the textbook. That’s very inspiring for me, because as an international student, all I knew before this trip were Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. But now I know there are still many stories many people in the fighting process for the civil right. And national civil rights museum is most meaningful for me. Because in the museum, I could learn the complete history of the black people fight for their right, which can give me a better understand of the whole development of the black society in U.S. I knew that black people risked everything to get their rights: though it could cost their lives, they still fought for rights, for justice, for equity without fear. What I learn in the trip is that if you don't stand up for the unfairness now, the inequality will never get changed. Therefore, after this trip I will be afraid nothing when I know something unfair happening around me; I will stand up and speak out for the justice without hesitation.


Anqi Liang  

BSAS 2018

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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