Saturday, March 28, 2015

Taylor Walker's post

Describe the trip in one word:


What is the most significant place you visited and why:  I don't want to say that any one place was more significant than another because each piece of the civil rights movement was important to the whole mission.  But the Museum of Human and Civil Rights in Atlanta Georgia was my favorite.  The integration of technology with the information made it more accessible and really brought the civil rights movement to life. It took visitors on a vivid trip through the major events of the movement as well as smaller details that often get overlooked.  And finally, it connected the events of the past with the issues that still plague the world today.  Understanding the events of the past are important to solving problems in the future, and this museum encompassed that idea. 

One key take away: The one key take away for me was that education is important.  As Dr. Lafayette said, one must research their cause, have a set goal to accomplish, and then do direct action. It's important to have an understanding of what the problem is and what tactics can help accomplish the solution.  At all stages of the movement, people had training in their cause, whether it be nonviolence training or formal education in college. People also worked on awareness and educating others in their community which is important.

For future planners: 
I really enjoyed the discussions afterward because people were able to trade ideas in a safe setting.  In some of the larger museums, I would have liked a little more time, but I understand that we were on a time crunch and I appreciate that we were able to visit so many places in such a short timespan. I'd like to thank everyone for making the Civil Rights Pilgrimage a fun, enlightening experience!

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