Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thoughts so far...

The trip has been amazing so far. We have traveled over 1000 miles from Champaign-Urbana to be in some of the most important cities for the civil rights movement. I have enjoyed the museums so far, but my favorite has to be The Center for Civil and Human Rights here in Atlanta, Georgia. They had an amazing collection of Dr. King's documents (including the original plans for the March on Washington, but we were not allowed to take photos in that gallery) and a great setup in general to display the history of civil rights in America and connect that to international human rights with an exhibit for that on the third floor. Below is a picture of a board discussing Norman Rockwell's painting "The Problem We All Live With," which deviated greatly from the thematic aspects of his work at the time: 

I think the most interesting thing is how much being in the locations where these events happened makes everything more real to me. It's so amazing being in these places discussed in history books and seeing these events come to life. I'm really excited for the next couple days, especially tomorrow, as we head to Alabama and see some more important sites along the way.

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