Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ryan Woods' post

Civil Rights Pilgrimage in Review – Ryan Woods


 This trip was a wonderful way to spend my Spring Break, to say the least.  As such, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to do during next year’s (and the next, etc.).  The people were wonderful, the sites were great, there was always great information to be mined.  I know I certainly learned a lot.  And I might even say that most of this was from the individuals with whom I traveled.

 The dialogue between fellow travelers – whether on the bus, in a restaurant, at the hotel, etc. – was probably the most important part of the trip for me.  I know I burdened some of my friends with my overly-philosophical and, at times, bizarre way of discussing these issues.  But the conversations themselves were, at least to me, very enlightening.  I hope that I can continue engaging in such dialogue throughout the remainder of my life.

 I would like to encourage those who are so moved to read some of the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other leaders of the movement.  I know that reading the former’s works – even the small portion that I have read myself – opens one up to a much deeper and more interesting thinker than the history books and museum plaques will show.

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