Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mary Renee's post

Right now it is 5:40am and we are all on the bus headed back to Champaign. How do I feel? I honestly feel really sad but very hopeful. I am sad in the sense that I don't want to leave my amazing new friends.  I have not been surrounded by so many people in such a closed space in a long time. Not everyone got alone but we all learned something from one another. The best part about new friends is newly found knowledge. When I asked one of my friends why she knows so much, she said "I talk to different people." It seems so simple but it is so true. This trip has taught me to turn relationships into moments and moments into memories. I am completely hopeful because I know every single one of us now have the knowledge and ability to change the world. For most of us, we just need the courage. This trip has been the ultimate experience. Got me thinking every high school should substitute the history book for a trip like this. From my experience, the books I read about Black History was told through the White eye. However,  the knowledge I learned on this trip were told by people who actually cared, people who know things I did not know and people who were actually present during certain historical moments in history, Please, don't sleep on this trip. It was amazing and if I could do it over I would again and again. What was my favorite place? It honestly depends on the people who are delivering the information. They could either make your trip or break it. We had one tour guide that cried as he explained to us the experience of "Little Rock Ten." Also there was a tour guide who kept it real the entire time and told us his personal account about the MLK conspiracy. These are the type of people that you will encounter. Their stories will forever be a memory of mine. There were plenty more but these are the ones off top of my head. There is one thing reading names and dates you might not remember but actually hearing people stories is something I won't ever forget. I am a very proud Black Woman! My history and the sacrifices of my people makes me so proud and appreciative of being Black. Remember, you can I make a difference. Rather its small or large, help contribute to someone day or someone's life. There is still so much that needs to be done in the world but with a plan/strategy and a specific goal, we can accomplish anything. 
-Mary Renee

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