Sunday, March 29, 2015

Laronda Wilson's post

If I can describe this trip in one word, I would defenitlely have to say "INSPIRATIONAL." This trip inspired me to learn more and do better as well as use my knowledge to change the world. 

Every place that we have visted was very significant to the civil rights movement, but the the two places that moved me and stood out to me the most would have to be the slavery museum with the slavery reinactment activity and the Lorraine motel. I loved these places mostly because it was something that I was always interested in when I was younger. I have always heard about slavery from my grandparents and other elders that may have been a witness and or victim of slavery. My knowledge of black history and civil rights was limited to text books, so I am very thankful to have gotten this experience. And to to have witnessed it face to face was awesome! The slavery museum was very realistic as we went through slavery reinactment. It gave me a better idea of what happened to my annesters as well as compare it what is still happeningtoday. I always wanted to go to the Lorraine motel instead of seeing it while I am trapped behind a tv screen. There is nothing like seeing history for yourself. I was very moved when I witnessed Dr. Martin Luther King's motel room, the house he was born in, and the house that he lived in with his family, as well as his personal belongings. I also really liked how the museums recognized the cilvil right participants that were and are not as talked about today. 

There are several great things for me to take away from this trip. One big thing that I will take away from the trip is that these things such as racism still exists in the world todayand it is our responsibly to change history as well as make it. We can change this by spreading our knowlege and making sure that we are aware of what is going on. The movement cannot move foward if we are not educated on the situation. To move foward it's important to have memory, meaning, and moments As well as FORGIVINESS, EQUALITY, HOPE, PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, and UNITY.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- President Nelson Mandela

P.S. Thnks tp all the planners. They did a great job planning the trip and making sure we got the most out of our experience. 

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