Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jacob Fleener's post

If I could describe the Civil Rights Pilgrimage trip in one word it would be inspirational. The most significant place we visited was the National Civil Rights Museum. I had been to Memphis two previous times and I had not had the chance to see the museum so I had a lot of anticipation built up. When we went there, it was insane how much history was there. I think the most significant part of the trip is where Dr. King spent his last moments alive and see what he stood for. The one thing that I took away is the three M philosophy from the Little Rock Central High School (Little Rock Nine or Ten depending on what history you learn). The three M's are we live for the moments, there is always meaning behind everything, and we live for the memories that are formed. This trip was amazing and the little feedback I have is that I wish we could have gone to Birmingham for the trip to see everything that occurred there.

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