Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 1, March 21 Youyou's journal

The breakfast with Karitta, Nick and Ryan was a pleasant start of my day. 😄Greensboro gave us a warm welcome with her nice weather. I enjoyed walking on the street and having lunch with Srushti. We found a bakery where delicious hand-make pound cake is served. 
The visit to International Civil Rights Museum helped to refresh my knowledge on civil rights movement and its meaning, while Greensboro Historical Museum told me how important the sit-in is to the city. I also learned more about the city here. Jasmine told me that she loves this place but the portrait of people on the wall kind of scared her because she felt that they are all staring at her with their big eyes. Her words made me smile. :)

Later, I went to a nail salon for the first time with Lateice! It was fun seeing how those professional people painting nails for others. Later at bus, lucikly I talked with Mia and some other people about their understanding of the current situation of racial and gender discrimination on our campus and in the U.S. in general. I learned a lot and my understanding of those issues also got deeper. I'm looking forward to learn more and making more friends in future days. 😊

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