Tuesday, March 24, 2015


This trip never fails to amaze me.

We seem to always have unexpected experiences. Today was no different. 

We started the morning at the Alabama state capitol.  The first surprise of the day was that the gigantic painting of George Wallace which had been hanging in the capitol since he was in office.  I don't know why it was taken down but I was pleased to see that such a hateful Governor was no longer being celebrated.

We then went to the Civil Rights Memorial at the Southern Poverty Law Center which was moving as always.

Then we visited the Freedom Rides museum at the Greyhound Station. This was someplace I had never been before.  Shortly after we walked in Bruce Boynton walked in. He is both the son of Amelia Boynton and the person who challenged the federal law on the segregation of interstate busses before the Freedom Riders ever took their rides. 

After that treat we visited the home that Dr. King and his family lived in here in Montgomery.  It is always thrilling for me to be in the exact space he was when he had his epiphany that he needed to fight his nonviolent fight.

I love it. This trip and all of the students give me inspiration to keep working for a better world using the principles of nonviolence.

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