Saturday, March 28, 2015

James Tandaric's post

I was given the opportunity to reflect about this trip and what I had learned.  These were my comments:  

1.  One word to describe the trip: Empowering

2.  The most significant place to me was going to Central High School at Little Rock, Arkansas.  To me, this was the most significant place for two reasons.  One reason is as someone who is passionate about education, hearing the stories of the Little Rock Ten and about what they went through helps motivate me to follow my career of education.  Second reason was we had an incredible speaker named Brian who gave an emotional story about his experience working there and why he works there.  This was really powerful to me and really made think about what those students went through. 

3.  One key take-away was learning how the movement was mostly younger people.  I was surprised as how many young people were there and this made me think how young alduts can make an impact on our world.  One action step is I will attend the workshops about our campus on Tuesday so that I can raise my voice about campus issues.  

4.  One way to improve the trip for everyone is offer more time to discussion and reflections at night. That way, students can have more in-depth conversations about the trip. 

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