Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mary Presley's blog post - Wednesday

This trip thus far has been quite an adventure. Currently we are in Montgomery, Alabama but we have yet to explore this city. Out first stop was Greensboro, North Carolina. Downtown Greensboro was simply beautiful. The International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro is my favorite museum so far. It is filled with such rich history. By the way our tour guide graduated from A&T University and he was the cutest/smartest man I seen thus far in the south. Our next stop was Atlanta, Georgia. Even though it was raining the entire day it was still a beautiful day. We went to Ebenezer Baptist Church, which was Martin Luther King's home of worship. It was amazing! Everyone no matter their religion was completely moved and inspired. I wish we would have had more time visiting Martin Luther King memorial. I fell in love with ATL. Maybe it is the move after college. Our next stop was Tuskegee, Alabama. We had the pleasure to be lectured to by Dr. Bernard Lafayette. It was surreal! He was like I imagined  from the documentaries we watched. He was very charismatic, intelligent and a great soul to be around. We went to the University of Tuskegee where I learned more about its school than I knew about my own school history. Yet, it was still an amazing experience. This trip keeps on getting better and better. I am very much pleased with the conditions of all the hotels and our bus community. The hotels are decent but makes me wonder "how are we are affording this?" Oh well, Thanks January! I have gotten to meet so many new people that I don't think I wouldn't want to ever live without. The southern boys are something nice to look at and they carry themselves very well. I will keep you updated but until then ✌️.