Friday, March 27, 2015

James Tandaric's post

The Young Person's Movement

Growing up, I learned about the Civil Rights Movement from my American History class.  We went over the usual topics such as the dates, important people likes Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, and major events.  I always assumed that the majority of the people involved in the movement were either adults or older individuals because they usually were the ones able to make change. 

I was so wrong.

Throughout this trip, I have slowly realized that young people have been the biggest population for the movement.  From hundreds of little kids and teenagers going to jail multiple times to college freshmen leading the counter sit-ins, young people and adults have made one of the biggest impacts of the movement.  

I think the biggest take-away from this trip is the power of young people to make positive social change.  If college freshmen were courageous to face brutal confrontations to further their rights, it gives me motivation to continue advocating for human rights for all and making sure I treat everyone the way they want to be treated.  

"The Civil Rights Movement is not about difference. It is about the difference that we can make." 

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