Thursday, March 26, 2015

Books Don't Tell

What I love most about the trip is the fact that we have accounts from individuals and incidents that I did not know prior to the experience. A few of these things are:

  • The murders of Emmett Till went on to confess to reporters what they did to him and faced no punishment.
  • The Selma-Montgomery March did not take place until their third attempt; I guess third time is the charm.
  • The beating that occurred on Bloody Sunday continued beyond the bridge and the blacks in the community were beaten and terrorized all night.
  •  Slave owners used the ideology of negative accountability to control slaves. By hurting the family members close to them often kept blacks submissive. Knowing I could have my mother killed by my rebellion would definitely instill fear in me to cooperate. 
  • There were originally 10 students to integrate Central High School and not 9 but one did not get the memo because she was not able to be reached to be informed of where to meet for safety and her family refused to jeopardize her safety. In addition, to the students who were attacked in the school b/c guards were not allowed in certain places in the school which left the 9 unprotected and victims of abuse by fellow students.
  • Central High was not the first school to be integrated in Little Rock, it was one that received the most press.

Any of you learning things for the first time?

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