Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 3 Tuskegee~ Thank you :) Awesome group!

First time and first day being a facilitator. I felt very grateful and joyful at the end of our day since I felt it being such a great day. Everyone was very kind and our day went on smoothly. 

It's my second time meeting Dr. Lafayette and visiting Tuskegee. This time, I enjoyed his talking more. I guess it was because that I have a deeper understanding of civil rights and nonviolence after one year. Despite the cloudy weather, Tuskegee University was still an exciting place to go. I hope people all felt the cultural difference between our university and Tuskegee University. 

The afternoon schedule was fully packed and we moved around a lot. I hope we could have longer time at each place so that more time could be spent for us to learn about each place such as Tuskegee airman site and Tuskegee human rights museum. 

I got encourage from my people. I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone. Our group is awesome. Hope we keep the awesomeness in future days as well! :D I'm sure we can do it! 
Once Awesome, always awesome. XD

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