Sunday, March 29, 2015


Trip in one word: Motivational

Most significant place we've visited and why: Freedom Rides Museum, simply seeing how the population of the movement members were students. It makes the actions of them more significant because it shows we as young people can make a difference. That we don't have to be anyone spectacular in order to stand for a cause.

One key take away? Application? I heard from a speaker and also from a video displayed in an exhibit about this theme: "Why are you afraid to die? People die everyday"... and "I am not afraid to die. I have given my life to the cause. I have already died."

It encourages me to take a stand and exercise my right to vote as well as encourage others to cherish the fight behind voting.

Feed back to futures planners: I was a planner but from feedback I would give an equal amount of time and not to feel rushed in certain cities. Allocating time for travel in between destinations.

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