Monday, March 30, 2015

Jasmine McDowell's post

I was surprised at how much I learned after this trip. Also, I was also surprised at how much my high school and middle school textbooks had left out so much valuable information. If it wasn't for me taking an African American history class in college, much of the information from the trip would have been completely new.

My favorite museum was probably the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The museum was built around the place where one of the first sit-ins took place. It felt very surreal to be able to stand in the place where African Americans peacefully fought against racism and segregation. In the museum was an exhibit called the “Hall of Shame” this exhibit was a hall of gruesome and violent pictures. It was story of the raw and unpolished history of the United States during the Civil Rights Movement. These black and white pictures of people who had been tortured, beaten, and lost their lives showed the hatred that haunts US history.

Those events helped to move people into action and are some of the reasons why the movement has progressed so far. While todaythere aren't as severe of cases of racism and segregation, I believe there are still parts of this country where inequality and racism still exist. After going on this trip, I hope to use the information I have learned to tell others about this history and raise awareness of the past in order to improve the future.

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