Saturday, March 21, 2015

Truth Hurt

I'll reflect briefly on the International Civil Rights Museum & Center. I wasn't sure what to expect besides the counter but there was so much more substance. One thing that captured my attention the most was the WALL OF SHAME. I know that we associate that cliché statement as good but to allow us to see those gruesome photos was a great decision made by the directors. I forced myself to look at the lynching photos, Emmett Till, and the black man burning on the cross. It hurt to see what many of us have been through. But it makes me understand why they worked so hard. For the many freedoms that I take for granted: voting, education, etc.

It takes a lot to get over the hurdle of fear that we place within to keep ourselves uneducated on certain topics. Which is why I hate "12 years a slave" like why do we continue to send these reminders that white people have this sense of power over others. (They don't) but that was me ignoring the truth of our history.

They have withheld information to keep us believing that we are inferior. So don't be afraid to get the whole story because more often than not you don't know it.

Dig deep.

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