Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today we visited Selma.

I have so many feelings about Selma and the extreme sacrifice that was made in order to make sure that all of us have the right to vote. Because of this I believe that it is our duty to vote in every election no matter how insignificant we may think a a particular election may be. 

Seeing Dr. LaFayette's picture in the museum with a big gash in his head from the night he was supposed to have been killed makes me grateful beyond belief for his persistence to carry on as a fighter for nonviolence.  Carrying his words from just a few days ago with me as I walked across the bridge today was fuel for me to do my part.

Additionally today we experienced a reenactment of the what it would have been like to have been captured to be sold into slavery.  This is a very emotional experience and it reminds me of my privilege to be able to only experience this as a reenactment and not have to experience this or many other atrocities for real.

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